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{April 28, 2009}   what does ANZAC Day stand for?

Wow, I am sooo not used to doing a blog. I didn’t do a blog for the last three weeks of last term! Argh! Another week would go by and I’d realise that yet again, I had forgotten that there was a site I needed to contribute to. So here’s my next contribution.

K for the essay. I wasn’t able to go to any of the ANZAC Day parades, events etc. So I’m a little screwed on the observation front. However, I thought that I could do my essay on the fact that some people don’t seem to respect ANZAC Day, because they don’t understand the reasons why we commemorate it or they see it as a chance to make a quick buck (one of the RSA’s got robbed on ANZAC Day this year, they took some poppy money; last year some people made off with a couple of boxes of poppies) and the fact that when I was out and about on Friday, the people selling poppies didn’t seem to be selling that many.

Check this site out, and let me know your opinion on billyborker’s view


{March 17, 2009}   reflections

Thanks to those people who commented on my blog (I’ve never had a blog before and so seeing that made my day 🙂 ), esp clarity88. You’re right, people do leave gaps between themselves and others if they can help it, I do it myself. In my Anth204 class yesterday we were talking about a similar thing in waiting for the bus or train. No one talks to each other. Kate Fox has the theory that we don’t engage others in conversation because then the next day we might have to talk to them again, because that familiarity has been made and our sense of manners forces us to acknowledge that familiarity. I’m guilty of this myself. I don’t talk to people at the station, and I wear my headphones to keep them away from me. I suppose I do it because I don’t know the people, even though a few faces are becoming familiar as I catch the same train as them each day. Its not that I’m a snob or an unfriendly person, although I am rather shy. We could all be missing out on great friendships.

{March 13, 2009}   reporting in

K my idea for the report is to sit in on some totally random lecture somewhere on campus and just watch how students react in the lecture. I don’t even have to leave the campus!! So Tues afternoon, I wandered into a lecture theatre that I knew I had friends in (because I couldn’t bring myself to go into a strange class that I wasn’t supposed to be in without moral support being very shy) and just watched students fall asleep. And it gave me insights into behaviour that I do that I wasn’t even aware I did. Has anyone else noticed that nearly all of us prop our heads up on our hands, or even just put our hands to our mouths? I didn’t realise that I was doing it until I wrote down that everyone else was doing it! And that we tend to sit near the outside of rows, not the middle, as if we wanted a quick escape route from the strangers around us. Do people scare us?

{March 3, 2009}   Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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